Fairhope Engagement | Allicyn + Joshua

For engagement sessions (well any session really) I like to have as much fun as possible!! I like to try to capture candid moments the best I can! So, if you book with me you can bet there will be a lot of movement going on! We have fun walking, dancing, and singing. Everything I do during a photoshoot has a purpose and I absolutely love that I get to help create special moments like these! Being engaged is such a fun (and sometimes stressful) time in your life! There is so much to do when you get engaged and it can often become overwhelming!! My advice to you?? Don’t let the pressure of planning a perfect wedding get to you! Who says that weddings have to be so perfect anyways?

These two lovebirds are getting married in June and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding! The day two become one is so exciting and such a pivotal moment! I’m so honored that people trust me with capturing their special moments through my camera lens. Often a photographer helps run the day of the wedding. I mean, I’ve been to a lot of weddings the past two years and I pretty much know how they are ran by now. So my clients trust that I know what steps to take next to keep their wedding day running and how to smoothly make it to the ceremony. Being a photographer is not just being someone behind a camera who points and shoots. It often means being a wedding day of coordinator, boutonnière pinner, shoe putter oner, veil securer, and much more! I love every second of it!!!

I cannot express to you the importance in choosing a photographer you click with and that you love their work! This person will be with you during every step of the day on your wedding and will help you remember every detail forever!! For me, I want to thank all my clients who have chosen me to photograph their wedding day! I cannot thank you enough and cannot tell you how much it means to me!!