My Disney World Love Story

My Disney World Love Story

Who in the world thought I would meet a man in Disney World? Not me that's for sure! What is sooo cool is that the Lord just obviously has a plan for my life and he WILL make it happen. Even in Disney World!! So I'm sure you are wondering how I actually met Austin in Disney World, right? Like did I just walk up to some random guy and say, "Hey you're hot, let's date!" or did we just see each other in the crowd and know it was meant to be? 

Well, sorry to disappoint but neither of those happened. In fact, it was all very casual.

Before I start I should give you a cheat sheet of names otherwise this is going to get very confusing!

  • Me: Kristen

  • My now boyfriend: Austin

  • My sister: Kayley

  • My now brother in law: Andrew

So, here goes the story of how we met.

I was in Disney with my family celebrating my high school graduation and Austin was in Disney for his sister's dance competition. Well, on that trip Andrew was going to propose to Kayley. Austin sort of knew Andrew through a mutual friend. This mutual friend knew Andrew was going to propose in Disney and had told Austin. Austin hadn't really thought much about it other than it was cool and thought on the very small chance that if he happened to run into him he would congratulate the two. 

Well, Andrew is very tall so he tends to stand above the crowd. That fact plus his neon orange shirt he was wearing that day led Austin to finding him in the crowd in Epcot! (Crazy right!) Anyways, me being a photographer I didn't really give Austin much attention because I was focused on my camera and some pictures I had just taken. 

After Austin left the scene, Kayley started bugging me about him and asking what I thought about Austin and whatnot. At the same time, Andrew and Austin started texting about me. See, Kayley and Andrew were stirring the pot! 

Back story: Andrew and Kayley and some of their mutual friends had all already been talking about trying to set me and Austin up. 

As the night was coming to an end, we had decided to go to Magic Kingdom for the extra magic hours. Since Andrew and Austin had been talking all day, Andrew invited Austin to join us in Magic Kingdom. We hung out that night in Magic Kingdom riding Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, The Seven Dwarf Mine Trains, Thunder Mountain, and much more. As the night progressed, Austin and I talked and began getting to know each other. 

When the park closed we had to split our ways, but that didn't stop us. Austin got my snapchat name from Andrew (how romantic, lol) and we continued to talk and eventually fall in love!