Clothing Guide | What to Wear?

So you finally decide you want to book a session for some much-needed family portraits or you recently got engaged and you need photos to celebrate the occasion! You're SO thrilled but what do you wear? Goodness gracious your mind goes into a panic right? You worry about needing to find the perfect outfit that complements your every curve. You struggle to decide on the color choices and you search on Pinterest for hours (some of us weeks or months) to find the perfect outfit! We want to look like a model in our portraits! If you have a family, you worry about dressing them in perfect outfits as well and all that stress can be overbearing. 

The struggle is real for everyone and we can all use some guidance when it comes time to picking out the perfect outfit! To hopefully help ease your struggles, I put together a little clothing guide with 7 tips to think about when choosing your outfit and a few of my favorite outfits kgp couples and families have worn!