The New York Files Part 5

Welcome to New York

Day 5: Goodbye New York

Today was our last day in New York (boo!!) but we didn't let it get us down! Instead, we had a lot of fun finishing up our vacay with some more touristy hot spots. We packed up our bags and headed out for a fun day on the town early in the morning.

To start off our fun, we went to some monumental wall thing that I included a picture of on the blog. I have no clue what the thing was, but I remember it being important? After, we walked around and found Chinatown and Little Italy. Honestly, these places were not what I was expecting. They were still fun to walk around though. 

We found a cute little Italian restaurant to eat at for lunch and it had some of the best pasta ever!! After our fun trip to Chinatown and Little Italy it was time to go back to our hotel to get our luggage and head to the airport.

The airport was a pretty eventful part of our trip....but that's not my story to tell!  

Overall, I'd say our trip to New York was one I'll never forget. From experiencing Times Square, to seeing Wicked, to getting engaged, to having an eventful trip in B&H, to shopping on 5th, and seeing some was all amazing!! 

Sidenote: We did not buy any special handbags like all the street vendors tried to get us too!! Maybe next time though?