Spring Hill College Couple Session | The Huggins

Personal cheerleaders.

We all have them and we all want them! Most often it’s your parents, siblings, or significant other. Having someone cheer you along in following your dreams is HUGE!! Most of the time that person doesn’t even realize how much they are encouraging you and helping you follow your heart! I personally have several cheerleaders on the sidelines of my life cheering me on! Today I am only going to highlight one of them (well, one couple).

Spring Hill College Couple Portrait Session / maternity session / baby announcement / portrait photography by kristen marcus photographer

This GORGEOUS portrait is of my sister and her husband!! They have both been cheering me on my entire journey of becoming a photographer. And I finally feel I am to the point where I’m not ashamed to say that being a photographer is my job. Often it felt weird saying that photographer was a “job” since so many think of it as just a "hobby”. But now more than ever I am always chatting away with clients and doing my everything to connect with them!

My sister, Kayley, and her husband, Andrew, have been my models since day one!! Before I knew this job was something I wanted to pursue as an actual career they would get dressed up and let me practice different poses and lighting situations with them. Kayley was ALWAYS up for it!! I think a big part of that is because she is my sister and loves photos (duh!), but she also loved to help me grow. Growth takes time and she was always there for me! Andrew - well, he wasn’t always as thrilled as Kayley to have his pictures taken. He often grumbled and made silly faces, but in the end he always played along and let me get the perfect shot. It’s because of them that I have shaping myself and my skills into the photographer I am today.


This most recent photoshoot we did for them was so near and dear to my heart! My sister is pregnant!!!! And they used MY skills to help announce it to the world!! I could not be happier to have been a part of that big moment in their lives.

Over the years, I have grown into a better photographer and am overjoyed by the outcome of their beautiful photos! I cannot wait to see how far my skills will have been shaped and molded in ten years from now. Photography is my literal dream job and I cannot believe I have such an amazing support group cheering me along!!


I want to hear from you!! Who is your personal cheerleader and how do they help inspire you? Comment below!