8 Groom Prep Tips


The Grooms don’t often get as much focus on their wedding day as the Bride. I wanted to dedicate this small portion of my blog to the Grooms for once. It often doesn’t take the Groom nearly as long to get ready, but there are some things that should be mentioned for the Groom to know about before the wedding day. I’ve compiled a list of a few tips about how to make the Groom look his absolute BEST on his wedding day!

  1. If you have never tied a formal tie or bowtie before, don’t make your wedding day the day to learn! Practice before your wedding day.

  2. If you have any pocket squares for your suits, you will want to iron them BEFORE the wedding day.

  3. If your wedding will be in the summer when it’s super hot, I HIGHLY suggest packing along an extra dress shirt that you can change into during the reception. After being in the hot sun, you will feel much better having a clean shirt to change into.


4. Have your suits pressed! There is nothing worse than creases and wrinkles in your suit. If you’ve rented a suit or tuxedo from a local shop, inspect the clothes before you leave to make sure they were pressed.

5. Get a hair cut a week prior (not the day before)!

6. Have all of your groomsmen almost ready. It’s a lot easier to coordinate guys getting ready when they’re almost ready themselves! Have your groomsmen get dressed into their dress shirts, slacks, and socks.


7. Keep the drinking to a minimum! Look, I know you want to have a good time at the wedding. Having a toast before the ceremony is one thing, but when the focus becomes finishing a case of beer that someone brought, everything else takes a back seat. The amount of time that I will capture the groom getting ready is narrow…and your wife isn’t going to want 30 minutes spent taking photos of you and the guys chugging beers. Also, no one wants any bloodshot eyes in their photos.

8. During photos, your cell phones, keys, and wallets should always be placed inside your jacket or in a different location. Please DO NOT place them in your front or back pockets otherwise they will show up in photos!