What You Need To Know About Bridals


Bridals can be super fun, but they can also be sort of stressful. Getting all dolled up and in your wedding gown is so exciting. You get to see your final look all coming together and it really helps the wedding feel come alive. The moment you step into your gown with your hair perfectly put in place and your makeup professionally done you will fill all the feels of a wedding.

Here are a few things that you should know when planning your bridal portraits:

  1. Book your bridals at least a month prior to your wedding! This will give me enough time to edit and deliver them back to you in time for you to print some off to display at the wedding. Also, you won’t have to worry about your dress being in in time. Typically your bridal shop will get you your dress around a month prior to your wedding date.

  2. We can take your bridals WHEREVER you want!! That means if you want them to have the same feel as your wedding then we can shoot at your venue (you may have to ask for permission first), or if you want them to be different we can shoot anywhere else!! The options are endless

  3. BRING A BOUQUET!!! It does not have to be your real bouquet obviously because we take bridals at least a month prior to your wedding, but having some greenery and a few flowers will make a huge difference in your portraits! It also helps if the flowers are real, not fake, so that it will add life to your portraits! You can simply run by a publix or a flower shop on the way to your portrait venue and you’ll be good to go!


4. Do not stress about your dress getting dirty!! It is bound to happen at some point (whether it be the day of your bridals, your wedding day, or years down the road) and I do everything I can to keep you and your gown looking their very best! But, depending on the location you choose, it may get slightly dirty on the underside of the gown. The underside getting a bit dirty is no big deal and you won’t even notice it on your wedding day! However, if you’re super worried, taking your portraits a month prior to your wedding will give you plenty of time to wipe off any dirt.


5. Do you have a sweet doggo at home?? Is your pup a family member and not a pet? Is your baby furry and sweet? BRING THEM!! Give them a quick bath, pick them up a flower crown, and bring them with you!! You won’t regret it (even if they are crazy and not good at photos) because they are family and you’ll want their sweet faces documented with you!

6. Lastly, BRING A FRIEND!! I cannot stress this enough! Bring someone with you who can help you carry your gown when we walk, who can take care of your pupper when they aren’t in the portrait, who will tell you if your hair is messed up, who knows your insecurities and will help me make you shine, who will hold your bouquet when it’s not needed, basically someone who will do anything for you because they love you! BRING THEM!!