University of Mobile Engagement Photoshoot | Sydnee + Troy

University of Mobile Engagement Photoshoot by Kristen Grubb Photography

Sydnee + Troy

The University of Mobile Engagement Photoshoot

This engagement session is sure to bring a huge smile to your face. Before you read any further, take a moment to wiggle your cheeks around to prepare yourself for the goofy smile that is about to consume your face. Sydnee and Troy are such a fun duo!! They both went to The University of Mobile, yet that is not where they met. The college is just so stunning we had to shoot there to commemorate this fun time in their lives as fiancees. Is that a word? Fiancees.

Anyways, I've told you where Sydnee and Troy did not meet so I should probably tell you how/where they did meet. These lovebirds met at the church they both attend, The People of Mars Hills (which is also where Troy came to know the Lord). Their love really sparked when they were serving on a mission trip in Salt Lake City together. When they returned home they prayed about pursuing a relationship and they have been together ever since. A year after they met, Troy proposed!

The Lord is a huge part of Sydnee and Troy's lives and relationship and I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses their union to bless them and those around them. These two are so sweet and so obviously perfect for one another! They were filled will giddy smiles and laughter our entire photoshoot. 

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their fun photoshoot!