Belle Sera Gardens Wedding | Ashton and David

There they stood, back to back, holding hands, two letters in their shaking grasps, and utter joy on their faces. David and Ashton decided to keep their wedding traditional and wait to see each other for the first time as Ashton was walking down the aisle. Amongst all the craziness of the day, David and Ashton wanted to have a moment alone. Just the two of them standing back to back on their wedding day. During this time, they shared handwritten letters they had prepared for each other.

The moment David saw Ashton was how every bride wants to see their groom as their walking down the aisle. David’s smile was a mile long and there was no doubt in the room that he was thrilled to be marrying the love of his life.

After the ceremony, we took their bride and groom portraits during golden hour! It is truly amazing how you can physically see the love someone has for another person when they look at them. I could feel David and Ashton’s love for each other the entire night!