The New York Files | What To Pack For New York

Welcome to New York!

There are definitely some "must-have's" when packing for New York!! I cannot imagine a vacation to this fun city where you won't be busy the whole time and you will need a one-up on how to prepare for some of the fun! So, here are a few of my MUST HAVES!!

  • You NEED your BEST walking shoes

Do not - I repeat DO NOT worry about your shoes not matching your outfit!! Having comfortable shoes on your feet while traveling around New York is a HUGE deal!! Plus, tennis shoes and cute clothes are actually cute! An added bonus tip: don't buy new shoes for the trip either! The shoes you pack need to be formed to your feet and you need to know without a shadow of a doubt that you will be comfortable walking for hours in them.

  • You NEED bandaids & Neosporin

I know I just advised you to wear your comfiest shoes, but you will most likely get blisters & it won’t be very fun (boo)!!  But, don’t let it get you down! Just put some band-aids and medicine on and be on your way!

  • You NEED a pocket-sized wallet

You’ll want this so you don’t have to carry around an exposed wallet the entire day or be forced to carry bag just to hold your money and ID. 

  • You NEED outfits with pockets!!

This kind of goes along with the point I made above. You don't want to get stuck carrying around a purse or backpack while walking around. There is always a huge number of people around you at all times and if you're like me you'll be too paranoid the whole time that something is going to be taken from you. Plus, a lot of the fun sights to go to will require you to have your bag checked if you're carrying one, but if you're not you can skip that long line!! Yay you!! 

  • You NEED a pocket-sized phone charger/backup battery.

Austin bought one of these at a Best Buy on 5th Ave. and I cannot tell you enough how much we all needed it!! Our phones were constantly dying and I have no clue why! But, this thing was a lifesaver because let's all admit it....our phones are our lives. Plus, when you're in a new city and have no clue how to navigate the town, you need your GPS!!

If you find yourself going to New York, the magically busy city, I hope you find this list helpful!!