The New York Files Part. 3

Welcome to New York

DAY 3: Date Day

Welcome to date day / the day Austin proposed!!! Before we came to New York the family decided that we wanted a day for all the couples to split up and go off on our own to explore the city in our own styles. Each couple had a few things that they wanted to do that the other couples did not want to. For example, my fiance and I spent about 3 hours in B&H. If you don't know what B&H is it is a dream world for photographers!!! There is incredible gear everywhere and tech guys around every corner ready to talk you into purchasing everything!

Story Time:

I'll give you guys a little / kind of long funny story about B&H, but first a disclaimer for those that don't know me personally: I am incredibly shy and get embarrassed easily!

So, as I told you earlier B&H has tech guys everywhere!! When Austin and I went into the incredible store I had the idea that I wanted to purchase a new camera because I'm wanting to upgrade my gear a bit. Austin being the outgoing talkative guy he is wanted to go ask the tech guys every possible question about each camera....while I had to work my nerve up to being able to even walk to the counter because I knew they would start talking to me. So, once I worked up the nerve to go to the counter and look at the camera I was thinking about buying, a very nice fun tech guy quickly talks me into wanting to purchase an even better, more expensive camera. The downside (to me) was that I would have to wait at least a month before it would be shipped to my house. So, I walked away from the uber nice camera and went to go look at other fun toys.

After wandering around the store for about an hour or two, the same tech guys makes eye contact with us. I was going to just walk quickly past him to avoid talking to him again, but he asked if I was still considering purchasing the Austin was hooked into a conversation. Somehow the conversation turns on me and the man starts asking me, "How would you photograph him (Austin) if he came into your studio?" I'm like, "Um...with my camera LOL." He said, "No, how would you photograph him if he came into your studio?" I said, "Um...I'd use my 50?"  "Well, why" "Because it's my favorite lens" "Why?" "Because I like it" "Why?" (at this point I'm starting to get very frustrated....I obviously don't understand his question / what he's wanting me to say) "I don't know" "Well how would you photograph him if he came into your studio?" (this is when I broke) You can only ask me the same question so many times before I'm just going to shut down. I thought it was pretty clear that I didn't know what he was asking by my responses to his unending questioning and when I stared blankly at him and Austin. 

But...the man did not pick up on that, so I turned toward Austin and heard the man ask me again, "So how would you photograph him if he came into your studio?" BAM! That was it! I had had enough. I literally turned my back to the tech guy and pretended he wasn't in the room anymore and started to cry in frustration. I didn't hear a single word that man spoke the next 10 minutes.

Austin said that he tried to reach out and touch me, but he said "No dude, you embarrassed her she's not going to talk to you anymore" and then the man started to apologize a bunch...but who knows? To me, he was no longer there. 

The End

After our fun, chaotic time at B&H we went to Grand Central Station! It's grand and it's central (anyone know what movie is playing in my head right now?) There were soooo many people there - it was crazy! And pictures do not do this place justice (plus, my pictures are blurry). The ceiling is absolutely stunning. We stood in the middle of all the hustle and bustle and just stared up at it for a few minutes just in awe. After that, we went shopping on 5th Ave!! So much fun and to finish out our night we met up with Kayley and Andrew at a Comedy Club where people from the crowd were taking turns at telling jokes. Despite the B&H situation, day 3 was AMAZING!!!