Sydnee and Troy's Mars Hill Church Wedding

He stood there, in front of his closest friends and family, across from his bride, holding his personally written vows, hands shaking only slightly, joy spreading across his face, this is the moment he has been praying for his entire life. The crowd held their breath in anticipation of his words. His bride stared intently into his loving eyes. She took in every word he spoke like a sponge. It absorbed into her heart and brought a smile to her face.

One word. One simple word. Husband. A word you would expect to hear during spoken vows. It broke the silence of the room. He called his lovely bride, his new wife, his husband. When he spoke it the crowd roared with laughter and his wife's face lit up in delight. 

What a difference one word can make. It can build someone up or tear someone down. Words have so many meanings. Literal definition meanings. Connotations of a word. The tone a word is said in can change the meaning. This single day was one of the most important days in Sydnee and Troy's lives. It is one they will never forget. The moment they vowed their lives to each other will be a moment they never forget. Their sweet words and heartfelt commitments made to one another brought tears to my eyes during the ceremony. 

Sydnee and Troy wanted their wedding to honor God in every way possible. Their words spoken that day did just that. They talked about how He brought them together and how marriage was not all about them, but about how they can better God's kingdom together. It truly was amazing to see their love for the Lord brought into every aspect of their wedding. 

Dear Sydnee and Troy,

You two were a dream to work with! I love your love for the Lord and how you used your wedding to bring awareness to His kingdom. I loved being a part of your wedding and being given the opportunity to capture all of your special moments on camera for you. I wish you all the best!


Kristen Grubb Photography


Venue: Mars Hill Church

Wedding Coordinator - Annaleigh Nowling

Hair - Studio 33

Makeup - Olivia Grace Robinson