The New York Files Part. 2

Welcome to New York

Hello loves!

I finally got to go on one of my dream vacations! (I have a long list of places I want to visit). I have been dreaming of going to this busy city, New York, for so long! Our first day in the city was full of fun adventures and every day seemed to just get better and better.

New York has so much to explore and we wanted to do it all!! Of course, we couldn't possibly fit it all into one trip, so we had to pick and choose what we saw. 

DAY 2: Wicked Fun Day

Today we went to see WICKED on Broadway!! I've been wanting to see this play for forever and it did not disappoint! I was blown away by the voices and how perfect they performed. 


Honest moment: I'm afraid of anything that flies. Birds, butterflies, bugs, you name it. So, there were flying monkeys in the play and those things freaked me out! Plus, they had on masks which is another fear of mine...

However, despite the scary flying monkeys, the play was perfect! I left with their songs stuck in my head and as I write this post I can still hear them singing. 

If I had a voice like them I would walk around singing Broadway hits constantly. Sadly I don't, so I'll just keep the songs playing in my head and maybe do a little dance move here and there.

9/11 Reflection Ponds

Pictures do not do the Statue of Liberty justice! She is truly breathtaking!

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