The New York Files Part 4

Welcome to New York

Day 4: Exploring

Since I got engaged the day before in Central Park and my parents weren't there to see it they wanted us to take them to Central Park so they could at least see the spot where the proposal took place. Which of course we were all thrilled to do!! I could stay on that bridge and re-live the moment of our proposal for hours. 

While in Central Park, we bought a STUNNING painting from a street vendor of the bridge Austin proposed to me on. I honestly don't think I will ever love any piece of artwork as much as I love that painting (I know this seems like a pointless fact, but it plays a role into our day later). 

After seeing Central Park, we went to The MET. DANG!!! That place is HUGE and has some really interesting pieces of artwork. For the sheer fact of not wanting to spend our entire day at one site, we didn't get to experience everything at The MET, but we did hit some of the highlight rooms like egypt and the pope's room (I'm really not sure what this room was called, but it was filled with all the past pope's things). 

While walking up 5th Avenue we stopped at several hotspots. Like, we stopped inside The Plaza to look at how gorgeous it is! (They have Eloise memorabilia like everywhere). I wonder what it would be like to stay at The Plaza for just a night? I bet it is amazing!! We also went inside Trump Tower and got some Starbucks...because duh! Then of course we did quite a bit of shopping.

While we did our shopping the boys went and sat on the steps of a beautiful church. Afterwords, we all walked to Rockefeller Center (which I have to admit was not as exciting as movies make it seem). Once we got to Rockefeller Center (about a 30 minute walk) mom turned around and said, "Hey Austin, were is the painting?" I wish I could describe the look on my face in the moment, but I honestly don't think there are any words for how I felt. Luckily, the boys quickly thought about where Austin could have possibly set it down and they remembered the church steps. So, they ran back to church and I'm literally praising the Lord that it was on the steps right where Austin was sitting. Once the painting was back in my hands I did not let any one else hold it the rest of the vacation, so I could make sure it got back home LOL (I told you the painting would come back to play a part in our day)!

I forgot to mention earlier that day 4 of our vacation was the Fourth of July, so at night we found a spot to watch some awesome fireworks!! Because New York is full of skyscrappers, the boom of the fireworks would echo off the buildings and make it sound like there were fireworks going off in all directions which was really neat. 

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